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Cannot open '/etc/path_to_inst' - (Solaris)

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

For those who have ever come across the error: Cannot open '/etc/path_to_inst', this article provides an easy way in which to rebuild this file.

The error indicates that the system can not find the /etc/path_to_install file. It is possible that the file may be really missing or corrupted and needs to be rebuild.

To rebuild this file, boot the system with -ar option as follows:

ok>boot -ar
Press enter to select default values for the questions asked during booting and select yes to rebuild /etc/path_to_install
The /etc/path_to_inst on your system does not exist or is empty. Do you want to
rebuild this file [n]? y 
The system will continue booting after rebuilding the file.

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