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Patching Sun Solaris 9

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator


This article documents the process of downloading and installing the latest Sun Solaris 9 Patch Cluster.

Starting the Installation

The Sun Solaris 9 Patch Cluster can be downloaded from the following URL:

Download and unzip the file to a temporary directory. It will create the directory called 9_Recommended. Change to this directory and run the install_cluster shell script. The process may take up to several hours depending on the system.

# su -
# unzip
# cd 9_Recommended
# ./install_cluster
During the patch process you may encounter several failures with either error code 2 and/or error code 8. These are normal. They represent "package already at current rev" and "underlying package not installed". Anything other than 2 or 8 you should look more closely at.

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