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Command Line Tools - (Solaris 9 Volume Manager)

by Jeffrey Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

Command Line Interface - Overview

Volume Manager Command Description
growfs(1M) Expands a UFS file system in a non-destructive fashion.
mdlogd(1M) The mdlogd daemon and configuration file enable DiskSuite to send generic SNMP trap messages.
metaclear(1M) Deletes active metadevices and hot spare pools.
metadb(1M) Creates and deletes state database replicas.
metadetach(1M) Detaches a metadevice from a mirror, or a logging device from a trans metadevice.
metahs(1M) Manages hot spares and hot spare pools.
metainit(1M) Configures metadevices.
metaoffline(1M) Places submirrors offline.
metaonline(1M) Places submirrors online.
metaparam(1M) Modifies metadevice parameters.
metarename(1M) Renames and switches metadevice names.
metareplace(1M) Replaces slices of submirrors and RAID5 metadevices.
metaroot(1M) Sets up system files for mirroring root (/).
metaset(1M) Administers disksets.
metastat(1M) Displays status for metadevices or hot spare pools.
metasync(1M) Resyncs metadevices during reboot.
metatool(1M) Runs the DiskSuite Tool graphical user interface.
metattach(1M) Attaches a metadevice to a mirror, or a logging device to a trans metadevice.

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