General UNIX Tips

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Configuration and Administration Tips

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         The /proc Filesystem
         Controlling a Tape Drive
         Registering a Printer on a UNIX Host
         Using the find Command
         Redirecting MAN Pages to a File
         Moving Directories using TAR
         Date / Time Functions in UNIX
         How to Time Read/Write Functions
         KVM Switches For the Home and the Enterprise - (Avocent)

Process Management

         Monitoring and tracing Unix processes
         Running UNIX Commands Immune to Hangups (nohup)

Volume Management and File Systems

         ISO 9660 CDROM Images
         Troubleshooting the "device is busy" Error Attempting to umount a Disk


         Xvfb for Solaris
         Xvfb for HP/UX 11.0
         Using Xvfb with Oracle9iAS
         XVFB(1) manual page
         Using Xvfb with the UNIX Operating System

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