Installing J2EE 1.3 Tutorial

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator


The J2EE Tutorial is a beginner's guide to developing enterprise applications on the Java 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition (J2EE SDK). The J2EE Tutorial includes working examples and step-by-step instructions for creating J2EE applications with these component technologies:

The J2EE Tutorial comes in two flavors:

This article provides the necessary steps for installing and configuring the J2EE Tutorial written for the J2EE SDK, version 1.3 FCS.

It is important to recognize the prerequisites for installing the 1.3 Tutorial for the J2EE SDK. To build, deploy, and run the examples in the tutorial you need a copy of:

Software Prerequisite Notes
J2EE SDK 1.3 For a complete guide to installing the J2EE SDK 1.3, see my article Installing J2EE SDK 1.3.
Java 2 Platform,
Standard Edition (J2SE) SDK 1.3
The J2SE 1.3.1 can be downloaded from:
Ant Release 1.3 The examples within the tutorial are distributed with a configuration file for version 1.3 of ant, a portable make tool for Java. The ant utility is hosted by the Jakarta project at the Apache Software Foundation. You can download ant from:

Downloading the J2EE 1.3 Tutorial

The download bundle is available in either zip or PDF format.

The zip file contains the HTML version of the tutorial and the source code for the examples. Unzipping the file creates a directory called j2eetutorial, in which the tutorial is installed. To access the tutorial's main page, open the j2eetutorial/index.html file in your web browser.

The PDF file provides you with a convenient way to print the tutorial. To view and print the PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system.

The J2EE 1.3 Tutorial bundle is located at the following location:

Once you have downloaded and installed the bundle, the example source code is in the j2eetutorial/examples/src directory, with subdirectories ejb for enterprise bean technology examples, web for Web technology examples, and connector for connector technology examples. For most of the examples, the bundle also includes J2EE application Enterprise Archive (EAR) files, which are located in the j2eetutorial/examples/ears directory.

Setting Environment Variables

Environment Variable Value
JAVA_HOME The location of the J2SE SDK installation.
J2EE_HOME The location of the J2EE SDK installation.
ANT_HOME The location of the ant installation.
PATH Should include the bin directories of the J2EE SDK, J2SE SDK, and ant installations.

Building the Tutorial Examples

To build the tutorial examples, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the J2SE SDK 1.3, J2EE SDK 1.3, and ant.
  2. Go to the j2eetutorial/examples directory.
  3. Execute ant target. For example, to build all the examples, execute ant all; to build the Web layer examples, execute ant web. The build process deposits the output into the directory j2eetutorial/examples/build.