HTTP Entity Headers

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator


The following table lists the standard entity-header fields defined by HTTP/1.1; these are headers that may be included in a client request or server response to provide meta information about the request of reponse body.

HTTP Entity Headers

HTTP Entity Headers
Header Function
Allow Specifies the request methods supported by the object
Content-Encoding Specifies the encoding of the object
Content-Language Specifies the language of the object
Content-Length Specifies the length of the object
Content-Location Specifies the actual location of the object
Content-MD5 Specifies an MD5 message digest of the object
Content-Range Specifies the range of objects includes
Content-Type Specifies the MIME type of the object
Expires Specifies when the returned object expires
Last-Modified Specifies when the returned obect was last modified

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