Netscape LDAP SDK Programming / Setup and Conifguration

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This section of the website provides several examples for LDAP programming in the Java environment using Netscape's LDAP SDK for Java. To compile and run the examples in this section, you will need to obtain, install, and configure Netscape's LDAP SDK for Java, a directory server (i.e. Netscape Directory Server) and to import the sample database.

This page provides the appropriate links for performing the above pre-requisites.

Netscape LDAP SDK for Java
Use the following link for instructions for installing and configuring Netscape's LDAP SDK for Java, Version 4.1.7:

Installing Netscape Directory SDK for Java - (Version 4.1.7)

Install / Setup a Directory Server
After setting up the Netscape LDAP SDK for Java, you will need to install and configure a directory server. The following links provide instructions for several directory servers:

Installing Oracle Internet Directory - (Version 9.2.0)

Installing Netscape Directory Server - (Version 6.1)

Importing Sample Database
Once you have a directory server setup and configured, you should now import the sample database. The sample database is taken from the book "LDAP Programming with Java" published by Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. The same database for is provided below:


Instructions for importing the sample database into several of the more well known directory servers is provided below.

Importing airiusplus.ldif into Oracle Internet Directory - (Version 9.2.0)

Importing airiusplus.ldif into Netscape Directory Server - (Version 6.1)