HTTP Request Headers

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator


The following table lists the standard request-header fields defined by HTTP/1.1; these are headers that may be included in a client request.

HTTP Request Headers

HTTP Request Headers
Header Function
Accept Specifies the acceptable MIME types
Accept-Charset Specifies the acceptable character sets
Accept-Encoding Specifies the acceptable data encodings
Accept-Language Specifies the acceptable language
Authorization Specifies client authentication credentials
Expect Specifies server behaviour required by the client
From Specifies the client's email address
Host Specifies the server address being accessed
If-Match Performs the request if certain criteria are met
If-Modified-Since Performs the request if the object has been modified after given date
If-None-Match Performs the request if certain criteria are met
If-Range Returns range of object if conditionals match
If-Unmodified-Since Performs the request if the object has not been modified
Max-Forwards Specifies a proxy forwarding limit
Proxy-Authorization Specifies authentication credentials for the proxy
Range Specifies the part of an object that is required
Referer Specifies the document that led to this request
TE Specifies the accetable transfer encodings
User-Agent Identifies the client software

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