Creating a CVS Repository - (CVSNT / Release 2.0.14)

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

  1. First, open the CVSNT Control Panel applet. The applet is located in the Control Panel and is generally called CVS for NT (the green fish). A full description of the CVSNT Control Panel applet is described above (in the Post Installation Steps section).

  2. Then, check to make sure that the CVS Service is not running. If it is, click on the Stop button to stop the service.

  3. Now you will need to set the Repository Prefix. Go to the "Repositories" tab. It will initially look like this:

    Check the checkbox for the Repository Prefix and browse to the directory you created c:\cvsrepos using the ellipsis button.

    After successfully setting the Repository Prefix and selecting the Repository Prefix directory, your screen should look like the following:

  4. Now let's create our first CVS repository. To do this, we will stay on the same screen we were on (above) and click the "Add" button. This will bring up the "Enter path to new root" dialog. Fill this dialog box in as follows:

    After hitting the "OK" button, your screen should look like the following:

  5. Now go to the "Advanced" tab and view the checkboxes. Initially, this screen should look like the following:

    In this screen, first change the Temporary Directory to C:\cvstemp.

    Now go back to the protocol support. Here you have three options to set/clear:

    For these tests check all checkboxes (except for "Don't resolve client names"). You can later go back and change these settings at a later time.

    Your "Advanced" screen should now look like the following:

    NOTE: You MUST click the "Apply" button. This is important. Nothing will happen unless you hit the Apply button. Note that after you have done this, the "Apply" button is disabled.

  6. Finally, go back to the "Service Status" tab and start the CVS Service service. If your service successfully starts, your screen should look like the following:

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