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Tuning buffer busy waits by file

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

Most DBAs are aware of the view V$WAITSTAT. This view (based on X$KCBWAIT) reports the number of times an instance has had buffer busy waits on different classes of blocks since the instance was started.

Oracle also provides a companion view called X$KCBFWAIT which duplicates the function of X$KCBWAIT, but summarises the waits by file id.

The following script will list the contents of X$KCBFWAIT along with the datafiles. This script has been tested in both Oracle7, Oracle8 and Oracle8i.

     SET linesize 180
     SET pagesize 9000

     COLUMN filename  FORMAT a80           HEAD "File Name"
     COLUMN file#     FORMAT 999           HEAD "File #"
     COLUMN ct        FORMAT 999,999,999   HEAD "Waits"
     COLUMN time      FORMAT 999,999,999   HEAD "Time"
     COLUMN avg       FORMAT 999.999       HEAD "Avg Time"

     SPOOL file_wait

         indx+1                         file#
       , b.name                         filename
       , count                          ct
       , time
       , time/(DECODE(count,0,1,count)) avg
         x$kcbfwait   a
       , v$datafile   b
           indx < (select count(*) from v$datafile)
       AND a.indx+1 = b.file#

     spool off

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