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Data Dictionary Performance Problems After Running DBMS_STATS

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator


When collecting statistics using analyze or DBMS_STATS, ensure you DO NOT gather statistics for anything owned by the SYS user. (e.g. the Data Dictionary). Many users have run DBMS_STATS.GATHER_DATABASE_STATS and have seen queries against the data dictionary from from < 1 second to over a minute.

Even a query like the following:

    ,  a1.constraint_name 
      dba_constraints a1
    , dba_constraints a2 
        a1.constraint_name = a2.r_constraint_name
    AND a1.table_name = UPPER('EMP') 
could take around 45 seconds if statistics were to be gathered on the Data Dictionary

Dropping Statistics for SYS Objects

The data dictionary is optimized for the rules based optimizer and if you put statistics on them AND your optimizer mode is choose, it will go to the cost based optimizer, which can cause some serious performance problems in the data dictionary.

To corrrect this issue, go back and drop the statistics for anything owned by SYS.

From a privledeged account, you can run the following SQL script, which will give you all the DELETE STATISTICS commands. Simply spool the output of the following query to a file and then run it.

  SPOOL delete_stats_sys.sql

         || owner || '"."' || table_name
         || '" DELETE STATISTICS;' 
  FROM   dba_tables 
  WHERE  owner = 'SYS'; 

  SPOOL off


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