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Tuning the Shared Pool

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

The following SQL script produces a report that will help the DBA to tune the Shared Pool. It produces a report on the library cache hits and misses.

  rem library.sql - lists the library cache
  prompt         ========================= 
  prompt         ========================= 
  prompt (If > 1 then increase the shared_pool_size in init.ora)
  column "LIBRARY CACHE MISS RATIO" format 99.9999
  column "executions"    format 999,999,999
  column "Cache misses while executing"    format 999,999,999
  select sum(pins) "executions", sum(reloads) "Cache misses while executing",
      (((sum(reloads)/sum(pins)))) "LIBRARY CACHE MISS RATIO"
  from v$librarycache; 
  prompt         ========================= 
  prompt          Library Cache Section
  prompt         ========================= 
  prompt hit ratio should be > 70, and pin ratio > 70 ...

  column "reloads" format 999,999,999
  select namespace, trunc(gethitratio * 100) "Hit ratio",
  trunc(pinhitratio * 100) "pin hit ratio", reloads "reloads"
  from v$librarycache;

  Sample Output
  NAMESPACE       Hit ratio pin hit ratio      reloads
  --------------- --------- ------------- ------------
  SQL AREA               98            98            7
  TABLE/PROCEDURE        79            50            0
  BODY                   54            50            0
  TRIGGER                 0             0            0
  INDEX                   0             0            0
  CLUSTER                96            97            0
  OBJECT                100           100            0
  PIPE                  100           100            0

  8 rows selected.

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