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Dropping Tablespaces and Datafiles in Oracle9i

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator


  1. Introduction / Solution
  2. Example

Introduction / Solution

With release 9i (and future releases), Oracle is making significant strides in making the database easier to manage. One annoying issue with Oracle databases prior to 9i, is when you dropped a tablespace, you would also have to remember to remove the physical datafile associated with that tablespace.

With the introduction of Oracle9i, there are two ways to allow Oracle to handle the removal of the datafiles when dropping the tablespace. The first is to use a new feature called Oracle-Managed Files (OMFs). This feature allows the Oracle RDBMS to manage datafiles for you. Click here for an indepth discussion on Oracle-Managed Files.

The second method can be used for DBAs who do not want to use OMFs. Simply use the INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES clause to the end of your DROP TABLESPACE statement. See the example below for how this new feature works.


    2  DATAFILE '/u10/app/oradata/CUSTDB/users_temp01.dbf' SIZE 1M REUSE;

  Tablespace created.

  SQL> !ls -l /u10/app/oradata/CUSTDB/users_temp01.dbf
  -rw-r-----   1 oracle  dba    1056768 Apr  2 18:19 /u10/app/oradata/CUSTDB/users_temp01.dbf


  Tablespace dropped.

  SQL> !ls -l /u10/app/oradata/CUSTDB/users_temp01.dbf
  ls: /u10/app/oradata/CUSTDB/users_temp01.dbf: No such file or directory

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