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Using ESCAPE with LIKE

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

A question that comes up often is how to use the underscore '_' and percent signs '%' in a query that uses LIKE. The answer is to ESCAPE the underscore and/or percent sign within the LIKE template.

The problem with the underscore and percent character is that they are the default wildcard characters used in SQL using LIKE. For example, if you wanted to retrieve TABLE_NAMES from ALL_TABLES where the table name is like 'EMP_' you might be tempted to try the following query:

     SELECT table_name FROM all_tables
     WHERE table_name LIKE 'EMP_%';

You will find that this query might return not only EMP_NAME, but also EMPLOYEE since the underscore character is being treated as a single character wildcard.

To start the process, you will need to determine what character you would like to use for the ESCAPE keyword. This is typically a slash '\' but any character will work.

     SELECT table_name FROM all_tables
     WHERE table_name LIKE 'EMP\_%' ESCAPE '\'

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