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Creating an RMAN Database User on the Target Database for Backups

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

By default, when RMAN logs into the target database, it does so as the SYS account (as SYSDBA) without any configuration required. This is commonly not what you would want to do in a production system. It is recommended that you create specific database accounts to be used just for RMAN backup purposes. Before going in to the details of how to do this, lets first look at how to log in using the default SYS account:

% rman target /
The above command will login to the target database (TARGDB) using the SYS account (as SYSDBA).

Now, let's go ahead and create the database user that will be used for all RMAN backups:

% sqlplus "/ as sysdba"

SQL> CREATE USER backup_admin IDENTIFIED BY backup_admin

SQL> GRANT sysdba TO backup_admin;

After creating the RMAN backup user, you can now login to the target database using the following:

% rman target backup_admin/backup_admin
Notice that the above command will login to the target database (in this case, whatever database is set by the ORACLE_SID environment variable) using SYSDBA privileges. We do not have to specify the "as sysdba" clause when logging into RMAN; it is assumed and RMAN will always use SYSDBA privileges.

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