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How Oracle Text (Oracle 9i) Relates To interMedia Text (Oracle 8i)

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

How has the "Text" feature changed going from Oracle8i to Oracle9i?

interMedia Text in Oracle8i actually started in Oracle8 as a cartridge called ConText. Oracle decided to integrate all of the features and functions of the former Oracle ConText product with image, audio and video, and geographic location services for Web Content Management applications built with the Oracle8i Internet Platform. interMedia Text was completely re-architected, enhanced and tightly integrated with Oracle8i to provide up to an order of magnitude better search performance, greater ease of use, and new capabilities like thematic searches.

With Oracle9i, interMedia Text was renamed to Oracle Text. The technology from interMedia Text to Oracle Text has evolved incrementally. The architecture of Oracle Text is identical to that of interMedia Text. Oracle Text as Oracle9i is fully upwards compatible with interMedia Text as Oracle8i and so any Text application which runs on 8.1.x will run on 9.0.x. Of course going from 8.1.7 to 9.0.x adds exciting new features.

Oracle Text Option Releases

Why did the name change from "interMedia Text" to "Oracle Text"?

When 8.1.5 was released, the Text feature was bundled with other features for handling rich content in a single price-list item called interMedia. But at 8.1.6 this bundle became a no-cost item. Thus the bundle no longer has significance as such and there's no need to name it.

Oracle now regards Oracle Text as a fundamental native feature. As is say PL/SQL or the Oracle Call Interface (OCI). Oracle hopes the new name will help everyone to simply identify the exact feature under discussion.

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