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Administrative Commands

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator


The following document provides a brief introduction to several of the most used commands that can be performed by the OC4J administrator. OC4J provides the admin.jar command-line utility that is used to performing actions like deploying applications, restarting OC4J, and shutting down the OC4J server. For the purpose of this document, I will provide all examples using a fictitious application called my_app.

admin.jar Overview

After starting the OC4J server, you can administer the server using the admin.jar command-line tool. The basic syntax for using the admin.jar tool is as follows:
  java -jar admin.jar ormi://<oc4j_host>:<oc4j_ormi_port> <admin_id>  <admin_password>  <options>

The following listing is an overview of the variables used with the admin.jar tool:

Example Administrative Commands

Starting OC4J Instance
% java -jar oc4j.jar
Node started with id=-2479157545
Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE initialized
Shutting Down OC4J
% java -jar admin.jar ormi://localhost admin manager -shutdown
Restarting OC4J
% java -jar admin.jar ormi://localhost admin manager -restart
Deploying an Application
Register the J2EE application (generally the EJBs / business logic):
% java -jar admin.jar ormi://localhost admin manager -deploy -file $OC4J_HOME/j2ee/home/applications/my_app.ear -deploymentName my_app -targetPath applications/
   This step creates the entry in the server.xml file for the my_app application

To bind the Web application through the admin.jar tool, use the following:

% java -jar admin.jar ormi://localhost admin manager -bindWebApp my_app my_app-web http-web-site /my_app
   This creates the <web-app> entry element in the http-web-site.xml configuration file.
Undeploy Application
% java -jar admin.jar ormi://localhost admin manager -undeploy my_app
Listing All Available Sites
% java -jar admin.jar ormi://localhost admin manager -site -list
All available sites:
Name    :       Default Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE Web Site
Port    :       4169
Host    :
Secure  :       false

Name    :       Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE HTTP Web Site
Port    :       8888
Host    :
Secure  :       false

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