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by Michael New, MichaelNew@earthlink.net, Gradation LLC



This weekend I attempted to install RHEL 5.1 on a desktop machine (Dell Dimension 3000 Series) that I had just recently upgraded to 2GB of RAM memory. This was going to be used as an Oracle 11g test database server.

After going through the steps for installing the Linux operating system, the last step in the install wizard (About to Install) is to click the [Continue] button to start the installation. After a few seconds, the installation wizard will format the hard disk and then attempt to proceed in copying the boot image. This is where I ran into trouble.

The error message I received was:

An error occurred transferring the install image to your hard drive. You are probably out of disk space.

In a recent posting, I see where this may be related to an Intel D8xx (D845/D865/D875) motherboard or similar IDE controller.

The next section describes some of the workarounds that can be used to fix this problem and allow you to successfully re-install the RHEL5 O/S.

Known Solutions

The following known solutions require you to provide parameters to the Linux kernel at the boot: prompt before the RHEL installer starts.

To provide the boot parameters, power up the machine and boot to CD/DVD #1 of RHEL. Where is one of the boot parameters that worked for me.

boot: linux allowcddma

If the above solution does not work, try either one of the following.

boot: linux ide=nodma boot: linux nodma boot: linux pcmciaallowcddma

Thanks to Neuberg Tor Erik, |Jef|, and StarHeart for the DMA tips.

Another solution is to boot the kernel using a specified memory value. For example:

boot: linux mem=128M

If 128M doesn't work, try smaller and smaller numbers until it does work. A good rule of thumb is "<YOUR RAM> - 2MB."

Thanks to Alan Cox for this tip.

Another user was able to get past this error by removing a stick of RAM and then running through the install (he indicated that he had 2 x 256 PC2700).

If none of the solutions in this article provide a fix, check the media (CD) for corruption.

About the Author

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