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by Michael New, MichaelNew@earthlink.net, Gradation LLC

Two new procedures: UTL_FILE.PUT_RAW and UTL_FILE.GET_RAW were added in Oracle9i to read/write binary files.


The UTL_FILE package in 8i only works with text files.

I noticed an error with the UTL_FILE.PUT_RAW procedure while attempting to write a BLOB value to a binary file. But, when the file is closed using UTL_FILE.FCLOSE, <CR> + <LF> is added in the end, which I didn't want because it was originally a binary IMAGE (.GIF) file.

This is a documented bug (Bug:2546782 - UTL_FILE.PUT_RAW WRITES WRONG NUMBER OF BYTES) It has been fixed in 10g. The new file open modes like "RB", "WB", "AB" are introduced. If the binary file is opened in these modes then the <CR> + <LF> characters will not be appended to the file. At the time of this writing, there are no workarounds nor is Oracle considering back-porting a fix for Oracle9i.

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