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Starting and Stopping MySQL Automatically

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator

There are two options for starting and stopping the the MySQL Database Server:

Either of these two options (scripts) can be used to start and stop the server automatically at system startup/shutdown.

mysql.server can be found in the share/mysql directory under the MySQL installation directory or in the support-files directory of the MySQL source tree.

Before mysql.server starts the server, it changes the directory to the MySQL installation directory, then invokes safe_mysqld. You might need to edit mysql.server if you have a binary distribution that you've installed in a non-standard location. Modify it to cd into the proper directory before it runs safe_mysqld. If you want the server to run as some specific user, add an appropriate user line to the /etc/my.cnf file, as show later in this article.

mysql.server stop brings down the server by sending a signal to it. You can take down the server manually by executing mysqladmin shutdown.

You might want to add these start and stop commands to the appropriate places in your /etc/rc* files when you start using MySQL for production applications. Note that if you modify mysql.server, and then upgrade MySQL, your modified version will be overwritten, so you should make a copy of your edited version that you can reinstall.

If your system uses /etc/rc.local to start external scripts, you should append the following to it:

  /bin/sh -c "cd /usr/local/mysql ; ./bin/safe_mysqld --user=mysql &"

You can also add options for mysql.server in a global /etc/my.cnf file. A typical /etc/my.cnf file might look like this:



The mysql.server script understands the following options:

The following table shows which option groups each of the startup scripts read from option files:

Script Option Groups
mysqld mysqld and server
mysql.server mysql.server, mysqld and server
safe_mysqld mysql.server, mysqld and server

# +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
# | FILE         : /etc/init.d/mysql                                       |
# +------------------------------------------------------------------------+

# +---------------------------+
# +---------------------------+
case "$1" in

        echo "+---------------------------------------------------+"
        echo "| About to start MySQL Database Server              |"
        echo "+---------------------------------------------------+"

        sh -c "cd /usr/local/mysql ; ./bin/safe_mysqld --user=mysql &"


        echo "+---------------------------------------------------+"
        echo "| About to stop MySQL Database Server               |"
        echo "+---------------------------------------------------+"

        sh -c "cd /usr/local/mysql ; ./bin/mysqladmin -u root shutdown"


        echo $"Usage: $prog {start|stop}"
        exit 1


echo "+---------------+"
echo "| ENDING SCRIPT |"
echo "+---------------+"


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