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Notes on mysql_install_db - (Release 3.23)

by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator


  1. Introduction
  2. Problems Running mysql_install_db


The mysql_install_db script is used to create the MySQL grant tables with default privileges. This script is usually executed only once, when first installing MySQL on the system. The mysql_install_db script creates the mysql database which will hold all database and user privileges, the test database which you can use to test MySQL, and also privilege entries for the user that run mysql_install_db and a root user (without any passwords).
Problems Running mysql_install_db
This section lists the problems you might encounter when attempting to run the mysql_install_db script:

Keep in mind that you can start mysqld manually using the --skip-grant-tables option and add the privilege information yourself using mysql:
  $ BINDIR/safe_mysqld --skip-grant-tables &
  $ BINDIR/mysql -u root mysql

From mysql, manually execute the SQL commands in mysql_install_db. Make sure you run mysqladmin flush-privileges or mysqladmin reload afterward to tell the server to reload the grant tables.

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