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  Donating to — (10-December-2009)

Since 1998, has seen tremendous growth in both content and 
user base. What started out as a few articles on Oracle has expanded to 
a vast array of programming examples and guides for SQL Server, MySQL, and 
Linux. Over the past year, the average daily user visits to the site has 
increased from 1,620 (JAN 2009) to 2,061 (NOV 2009).

The success of this site has always hinged on direct involvement from the user 
community in the way of comments, suggestions, and the gracious donations from 
users who have benefited. Those donations go directly to funding hardware and 
software purchases which are used in creating guides as well as the cost of 
hosting the site (which had to be upgraded recently to support an increase of 
user bandwidth). will remain a free site with a clear goal of providing 
solutions to Database Administration and Software Development. If you would 
like to make a donation to support the ongoing efforts and future of the site, 
please use the "Make a Donation" button from the home page:

This will direct you to the PayPal account I have setup for funding the site. Thank you for your continued support. ---------------------------- Jeffrey M. Hunter, OCP Sr. Database Administrator ----------------------------