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  OCR File and Voting Disk Administration by Example - (Oracle 10g) — (08-October-2009)

Oracle Clusterware 10g, formerly known as Cluster Ready Services (CRS) is 
portable cluster software that allows clustering of single servers so that they 
cooperate as a single system. This infrastructure simplifies the requirement 
for an Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database by providing cluster 
software that is tightly integrated with the Oracle Database.

The Oracle Clusterware requires two critical clusterware components: a voting 
disk to record node membership information and the Oracle Cluster Registry 
(OCR) to record cluster configuration information. Both components play an 
extremely important role in the overall health and availability of the cluster.

The following article provides a detailed look at how to administer the OCR and 
voting disk using illustrative examples and instructions on how to create a 
robust backup and recovery strategy. It is intended for DBAs, System 
Administrators, and Support Engineers tasked with supporting an Oracle RAC 10g 
environment. The examples described in this guide were tested with Oracle RAC 
10g Release 2 ( on the Linux x86 platform.

OCR File and Voting Disk Administration by Example - (Oracle 10g)

Jeffrey M. Hunter, OCP
Sr. Database Administrator