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  Snapshot Database - (Producing DBA Reports in HTML) — (18-April-2008)

DBA's rely on Oracle's data dictionary views and dynamic performance views in 
order to support and better manage their databases. Although these views 
provide a simple and easy mechanism to query critical information regarding the 
database, it helps to have a collection of accurate and readily available SQL 
scripts to query these views.

Over the years, I have published a vast array of Oracle DBA scripts that can be 
used to manage many aspects of the database including space management, 
performance, backups, security, and session management. Once the scripts have 
been put in place, they can be easily run from within SQL*Plus while logged in 
as a DBA user.

The following article provides a new approach to SQL scripting that allows the 
Oracle DBA to collect a wide array of metrics and statistics using a single 
script. This "Snapshot Database" script will contain a collection of useful 
queries that run as a whole and produce an eye-catching HTML report. The report 
will contain critical database information including installed options, 
storage, performance data, and security.

The featured "Snapshot Database" article is available at:

Currently, I have three separate Snapshot Database scripts available for each 
major Oracle release (8i, 9i, and 10g). The release for Oracle Database 11g 
will be released soon.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator