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  New Oracle Data Pump Scripts — (21-February-2008)

Oracle Database 10g users (and higher) should consider using the new Data Pump 
utility in place of the original Oracle import/export. The original export 
utility was deprecated in Oracle Database 10g Release 2, and is no longer 
supported for general use as of Oracle Database 11g. Going forward, Data Pump 
export (expdp) will be the sole supported means of exporting data from the 
database. The original import utility (imp) still ships with Oracle Database 
10g and Oracle Database 11g in order to support import of legacy dump files. 
The original import utility will be supported forever and will provide the 
means to import dump files from earlier releases (release 5.0 and later) that 
were created with the original export (exp). Please note that the original 
export dump files and the new Data Pump dump files are "not" compatible. You 
cannot read an original Oracle export dump file with Data Pump and vice versa. 
Neither client can read dump files created by the other.

Provided below are links to several shell scripts I wrote for both Unix and 
Microsoft Windows to perform a logical backup of an Oracle database using the 
new Data Pump feature as well as the original export utility. Note that Data 
Pump was first introduced in Oracle 10g which means that the Data Pump scripts 
will only work with Oracle Database 10g or higher. By default, these scripts 
perform a full and consistent backup of the database using a dynamically 
created parameter file that gets written to a temporary directory and run 
through the export utility using the "parfile" parameter.


dpump_backup_full.ksh - (Data Pump)
export_backup_full.ksh - (Original Export)

Microsoft Windows

dpump_backup_full.bat - (Data Pump)
export_backup_full.bat - (Original Export)

These shell scripts as well as many others are also included in the following 
Oracle DBA Scripts package: - (ZIP format)

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator