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  Enabling Archive Logs in Oracle RAC 10g — (13-July-2007)

Whether a single instance or clustered database, Oracle writes to its online 
redolog files in a circular manner. When the current online redolog fills, 
Oracle will switch to the next one. To facilitate media recovery, Oracle allows 
the DBA to put the database into "Archive Log Mode" which makes a copy of the 
online redolog after it fills (and before it gets reused). This is a process 
known as archiving.

While the Database Creation Assistant (DBCA) allows users to configure a new 
database to be in archive log mode, most DBA's opt to bypass this option. In 
cases like this where the database is in no archive log mode, it is a simple 
task to put the database into archive log mode using the following guide:

Enabling Archive Logs in a RAC Environment - (Oracle10g)

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator