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  Update! Oracle RAC 10g Release 2 / VMware 5 / RHEL4 U4 — (20-February-2007)

This newly updated article builds on previous guides on how to build an 
inexpensive Oracle RAC 10g using commodity hardware. This most recent guide 
provides detailed instructions on how to build a two node Oracle RAC 10g R2 
using the latest version of VMware 5 Workstation (release 5.5.3). The cluster 
will consist of two virtual machines named vmlinux1 and vmlinux2 - each running 
CentOS 4.4 Enterprise Linux.

Both of the virtual machines will "virtualize" all of the required hardware 
components as required for an Oracle10g two node RAC configuration. For 
example, each of the virtual machines will be configured with two network 
interfaces - one for the public network and a second (running on a separate 
subnet) for the interconnect. With VMware, the process of creating additional 
hardware components for it to virtualize (i.e. network interfaces) is 
effortless. For the shared storage component, VMware will be used to virtualize 
several hard disks to be used for Oracle's physical database files (data, 
online redo logs, control files, archived redo logs). The new hard drives will 
be created using VMware on the first virtual node (vmlinux1) while the second 
virtual node (vmlinux2) will be configured to share them.

The newly updated Oracle RAC 10g / VMware 5 article can be found at:

Create an Oracle RAC 10g Release 2 using VMware Workstation 5 - (RHEL 4.4)

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator