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  Moving ASM Database Files from one Diskgroup to Another — (21-August-2006)

There are times when it becomes necessary to move ASM database files from one 
diskgroup to another. As with most tasks that involve file management in ASM, 
RMAN is the easiest and preferred method as ASM files cannot be accessed 
through normal operating system interfaces. The typical method is to take the 
datafile(s) offline and use RMAN to make a copy of them. After the copy, update 
the data dictionary to reflect the location of the new datafile and then use 
RMAN to switch the database to use the new copy as the active datafile. Finally 
recover and bring the datafile(s) back online.

The following article details the steps required to move ASM files from one 
diskgroup to another using RMAN:

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator