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  Migrating Databases from non-ASM to ASM and Vice-Versa — (16-August-2006)

Configuring and using Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is a fairly easy and 
straightforward process. Once the ASM instance is configured on a node and an 
ASM Disk Group is created, any database that resides on that node can start 
taking advantage of it.

But, what if on the node you just configured ASM on you already have an 
existing Oracle database which stores its database files using the local file 
system and now want to relocate the entire database to be stored in ASM? Well, 
as with most file management tasks that involve ASM, it's RMAN to the rescue!

I published the following article that explains the steps necessary to migrate 
an existing Oracle database stored on the local file system to ASM. This will 
include all datafiles, tempfiles, online redo logfiles, controlfiles, and all 
flash recovery area files. The article also contains a follow-up section that 
explains how the process works in reverse - migrating a database stored in ASM 
to a local file system.

Migrating Databases from non-ASM to ASM and Vice-Versa

To learn more about manually configuring ASM, see my article:

Manually Creating an ASM Instance

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator