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  Getting Started with Oracle Application Express 2.0 — (03-August-2006)

Oracle Application Express (APEX), formerly known as HTML DB, is a rapid web 
application development tool for the Oracle database. It provides programmers 
and even non-programmers with a fast and secure application development 
framework for developing and deploying professional applications using only a 
web browser. Oracle Application Express consists of several components:

  - A web browser
  - Oracle HTTP Server (or Oracle Application Server)
  - mod_plsql (included with the Oracle HTTP Server)
  - Oracle Application Express engine
  - Oracle Database - (Oracle9i Release 2 or higher)

For anyone wanting to take advantage of Oracle Application Express, I have 
several articles available to get you started. Please check back as I plan on 
providing much more with regards to Oracle Application Express administration 
and development as well as installation guides for newer releases.

Oracle Application Express - Links

Installing Oracle Application Express 2.0

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator