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  Determining uptime of Server in Windows — (15-May-2006)

This newsletter includes the following topics:

  *) Determining uptime of Server in Windows

  *) Java Programming / ZIP Files Section
       - Fixed bug with "Recursive Directories" in

Determining uptime of Server in Windows

If you are a DBA working in the UNIX operating environment, you are 
undoubtedly familiar with the vast collection of useful utilities used 
to troubleshoot and analyze your system. One of those popular utilities 
is the "uptime" command" it is used to determine how long the server has 
been up and running. Now, if you are forced to work in a Windows 
environment, you will quickly realize that this command is not included 
with Windows by default. A quick and reliable way to determine how long 
a server has been up and running in a Windows environment is to use 
the "net statistics server" command. This is all detailed in the article:

Uptime for Windows - (2003, 2000, XP and NT)

Java Programming Section

Thanks to the watchful eyes of a recent user, I was able to correct
a bug found in the example Java program: The intention 
of this example program was to demonstrate how to unzip the contents of
a ZIP archive using Java. The problem with the code I provided was that it
would not extract the contents of directories within the ZIp archive. This
problem has now been corrected and the new code can be found here:

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator