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  Connecting to SQL Server 2000 from Linux using Perl DBI — (11-November-2005)

DBAs and system administrator have long relied on scripting to automate complex 
and tedious tasks. For most administrators, the choice is Perl. Given the fact 
that Perl is open source, available on almost all O/S platforms and extremely 
modular, many popular modules have been developed to extend the language. 

DBAs for example, have enjoyed the ease of scripting database functions using 
the "Database independent interface for Perl" or better known as DBI. Using DBI 
to access popular database like Oracle and MySQL is straightforward. Simply 
install the corresponding DBD database driver module for your database (i.e. 
Oracle, MySQL) and write your scripts to the DBI interface. But what about 
Microsoft SQL Server 2000? If you were to take a quick glance at the available 
DBD modules at, you will notice that one does not exist for SQL Server!

This is not a problem if your scripts are already running on a Windows platform.
You can simply use DBD::ADO. But what about us Linux users?

Well, this is where the DBD::Sybase driver module and FreeTDS come in. I 
provide a detailed explanation and steps to use in order to access Microsoft 
SQL Server 2000 from the Linux platform using Perl DBI. 

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Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator