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  Build Your Own Oracle RAC 10g Cluster on Linux and FireWire — (14-March-2005)

My latest article featured on OTN documents how to set up and configure an Oracle 
RAC 10g development cluster for less than US$1,800. This test configuration 
consists of two nodes (running Linux RHEL 3) with shared access to an IEEE1394 
(FireWire) hard drive. All physical database files will be configured with ASM 
while the two shared files required by CRS (Oracle Cluster Registry and CRS 
Voting Disk) will be hosted on Oracle Clustered File System (OCFS V1).

This guide does not work (yet) for the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 release 
(Linux kernel 2.6). Although Oracle's Linux Development Team provides a stable 
(patched) precompiled 2.6-compatible kernel available for use with FireWire, a 
stable release of OCFS version 2 (which is required for the 2.6 kernel) is not yet 
available. When that release becomes available, I will be update this guide to 
support RHEL4.

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Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator