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  Oracle's Heterogeneous Services — (07-August-2004)

I recently started a new section and published an article within the Oracle DBA 
Tips section for Heterogeneous Services (HS). The article describes, 
step-by-step, how to configure Oracle's HS to connect from an Oracle database 
running on Solaris to a MySQL database running on Linux.

If you have never used HS in Oracle, it is an excellent technology built into 
Oracle for accessing and modifying data that may reside in a remote / foreign 
(non-Oracle) database. From a user's point of view, they can access and modify 
data in a remote (non-Oracle) database just as if it were a local set of Oracle 

As time permits, I will continue to expand this section with other 
configurations as well as advanced features and administration of Oracle's 
Heterogeneous Services.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator