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  New UNIX Section — (16-November-2003)

Over the last month, I have added a new section to the website dedicated to 
Unix technologies. This new section (available from the "Unix" link in the 
Topics menu) will provide users with insight into general Unix tasks along with 
specifics on Solaris and Linux. Some topics of interest include installation 
instructions, using serial consoles, network configuration, configuring RAID 
using Solstice DiskSuite, and other storage management issues. I also included 
a section for Oracle DBAs running the Oracle RDBMS in a Unix environment. Have 
fun with it and let me know if you have anything you would like to add.

In my last email, I indicated that I would be working on "Building an 
Inexpensive Oracle9i RAC Configuration on Linux". This undertaking has brought 
with it some complications in getting the Linux kernel to recognize the shared 
storage device (the shared FireWire hard drive) in non-exclusive mode. While I 
indicate that there is a kernel available (in RPM format) that can be 
installed, I have been unsuccessful in getting it to work properly. For some 
reason the first machine to boot still grabs the shared storage device in 
exclusive mode, which prevents access from the second Linux server. I will be 
sending a note to the author to see if this could be a hardware issue, or 
simply a kernel that cannot be used with Red Hat professional edition. (They 
used Red Hat Advanced Server 2.l) Although this shouldn't be an issue, I have 
tried just about everything. As soon as I find a solution to this issue, I will 
be completing the installation portion of the document and sending it out in 
the next newsletter. Wish me luck!

Like always, I have added several new Java modules under the Programming -> 
Java section. Also fixed a bug in the module "Generate random numbers within a 
given range" ( (Many thanks to Chris Wood for catching 
this one!)

Last but not least, I re-organized the MySQL section to make accessing DBA Tips 
and Scripts similar to that in the Oracle and SQL Server section.

This will be the last Newsletter before Thanksgiving day. With that said, have 
a great Thanksgiving and expect more to be included on Oracle9i RAC, UNIX, and 
Java in the very near future.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator