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  Install and Configure OpenLDAP on CentOS 5 — (07-August-2012)

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an application protocol 
used to access information in a directory over an IP network. Most information 
in a directory is organized with a hierarchical structure much like a file 
system. A directory can contain any type of data but most often consists of 
organizations, user accounts, address books, and other types of resources like 
files and devices on a network. You can even become adventurous and use LDAP 
directory naming to resolve SQL*Net service names for Oracle databases which 
allows storing net service names in a centralized LDAP-compliant directory 
server in place of a client-side tnsnames.ora file.

OpenLDAP Software is a free, open source implementation of the LDAP protocol 
developed by the OpenLDAP Project. Directory service is controlled by a 
stand-alone LDAP daemon (slapd) and the stand-alone LDAP update replication 
daemon (slurpd) when replication is configured. Propagating changes using 
replication falls outside the scope of this note and therefore will not 
include configuring the slurpd daemon.

The following guide presents the steps required to install and configure 
OpenLDAP Software on the CentOS 5 platform. This tutorial will also work for 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Oracle Linux 5.

Jeffrey M. Hunter, OCP
Sr. Database Administrator