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  Oracle9i on RAW using Linux and LVM — (05-October-2003)

Over the last week, I made the following changes:

1.) Under the "Oracle" -> "DBA Tips" -> "Linux" section, I added an article
on creating an Oracle9i (9.2.0) database on Linux using RAW devices. This 
document presents the use of the Logical Volume Manager available on must 
Linux distributions. The Linux distribution in this example uses Red Hat 
Professional 8.0. 

2.) Added completely new section to the website dedicate to UNIX. The new
UNIX is available from the Topics menu frame. Many more articles and links
will be available for installing and configuring UNIX systems.

3.) The "Oracle" -> "DBA Scripts" section has been completely updated with
several scripts for Oracle9i.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator