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  Oracle Database Backup to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) on Linux — (09-July-2012)

The traditional method of relying on tapes for off-site backups has been a 
widely accepted best practice for many organizations. Today, however, new disk 
economics and the compelling price point offered by Cloud storage vendors has 
presented a new opportunity to make off-site backups more reliable, accessible, 
and secure. With the introduction of Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module for 
Amazon S3, it is now possible to perform Oracle database backups to Amazon 
Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for off-site storage purposes. This new 
strategy also offers the ability to stream backups directly to the Cloud. This 
is especially appealing when performing a backup through a low latency network 
connection like Amazon EC2 instances (DBs within Amazon Cloud) or from your 
on-premise network to Amazon VPC using Amazon AWS Direct Connect service (DBs 
not within Amazon Cloud).

The following guide demonstrates how to install and configure the Oracle Secure 
Backup Cloud Module for Amazon S3 to backup an Oracle database to the Cloud 
using the direct streaming method. This can be performed from an Amazon EC2 
instance (off-premise) or from an Oracle database server running in your own 
data center (on-premise).

Jeffrey M. Hunter, OCP
Sr. Database Administrator