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  Remote Desktop to an Amazon EC2 Instance — (27-June-2012)

In most cases, the Linux servers I setup as Amazon EC2 instances are used to 
host the Oracle database software and only require use of the operating system 
Command-Line Interface (CLI). This is beneficial because I only need register 
an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with a Minimal or Basic Server OS installation 
and can add only those required Linux packages needed to support the database. 
However, there are situations where I need to access a graphical desktop in 
order to install or run certain Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications.

The guide mentioned in this newsletter provides the steps needed to add the 
GNOME Desktop to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 AMI (or CentOS) where the OS 
was installed without the X Window System. Although there are several options 
to enable a remote desktop on an EC2 instance, I prefer to use NX Free Edition 

FreeNX is a program which allows users to run remote X11 sessions from clients 
running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris platforms to servers running, 
at present, on Linux or Solaris.

This guide assumes you have an Amazon Web Services account and know how to 
create new EC2 instances from an AMI, key-pairs and security groups within the 
AWS Management Console.

Jeffrey M. Hunter, OCP
Sr. Database Administrator