Newsletters Archive - 2009

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  Cleaning a Tape Drive using Oracle Secure Backup — (26-April-2009)

Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) provides a reliable, centralized tape backup 
management solution which can be used to protect file system data as well as 
Oracle Database files. For Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) users, the Oracle 
Secure Backup SBT interface enables you to use the RMAN to back up and restore 
Oracle Database files to and from tape. Oracle Secure Backup supports nearly 
all tape drives and tape libraries in Storage Area Network (SAN) and Small 
Computer System Interface (SCSI) environments.

Oracle Secure Backup provides the ability to perform automatic tape drive 
cleaning as well as the option to manually clean a tape drive. The following 
article provides a brief overview of the tape cleaning functionality built into 

Cleaning a Tape Drive using Oracle Secure Backup

Expect more article in the near future on the topic of Oracle Secure Backup.
Namely installation and configuration steps in OSB as well as implementing RMAN 
backup and recovery strategies using the SBT interface of OSB.

Jeffrey M. Hunter, OCP
Sr. Database Administrator