Newsletters Archive - 2007

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  Connecting Oracle to MySQL using Oracle's Heterogeneous Services — (28-February-2007)

I recently updated an article that provides step by step instructions for 
installing and configuring Oracle's Heterogeneous Services (Oracle9i Release 2) 
to connect from an Oracle9i database running on Sun Solaris to MySQL running on 
a remote Linux machine.

The connection will utilize Oracle's Heterogeneous Services ODBC - generic 
connectivity (HSODBC) on Sun Solaris. This article can be used for Oracle 8i, 
9.0.1, and 10g releases running on either Solaris 9 or Solaris 10. Also note 
that this article has been tested with MySQL 4.0.20-standard running on Red Hat 
Linux - (Fedora Core 1) as well as MySQL 4.1.20 running on Red Hat Linux 4 
Update 4 (actually CentOS 4.4).

The newly updated article can be found at:
How to Setup HSODBC (Oracle9i on Solaris) to MySQL on Linux

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator