Newsletters Archive - 2006

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  Duplicate a Database in Flash Recovery Area using ASM to non-ASM Host using RMAN — (08-August-2006)

Your current backup and recovery strategy makes use of RMAN and creates its 
backupsets (backup pieces) in the Flash Recovery Area using ASM. Everything is 
working fine until one day you need to have access to these backup pieces from 
a regular non-ASM file system. The question then becomes, how do I restore 
backupsets (backup pieces) that are currently in ASM to my non-ASM file system? 
This is a common question when the DBA wants to use the RMAN backupsets to 
duplicate or copy a database to another host on a non-ASM file system. It also 
provides a means to test the integrity of your backups on another host!

The quick answer is to use the BACKUP BACKUPSET (and BACKUP ARCHIVELOG if 
necessary) RMAN statement to copy backupsets (backup pieces) out of ASM to the 
local non-ASM file system. Using this method, you are essentially utilizing 
RMAN to create another copy of the backupset(s) to the local file system that 
you want to use for creating a duplicate database on a host that does not have 
ASM in use. This second copy of the backupset(s) will be on the local file 
system where you can then FTP them to another host and use to duplicate the 

I put together a detailed step-by-step approach to duplicate a database in ASM 
to a non-ASM system. The article can be found at:

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator