Newsletters Archive - 2006

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  Archiving to an Archival Standby Database — (26-July-2006)

Introduced in Oracle9i R1, DBAs can now configure a database (for example, a 
primary database) to send its archived redo log files to an Oracle instance at 
a remote location which is only responsible for accepting and storing the 
archived redo log files. This remote location can serve as a repository 
(or backup) of nothing more than archived redo logs.

This remote location is known as an Archival Standby Database and is nothing 
more than an Oracle instance with a controlfile and no physical database 
associated with it. The controlfile can be a standby controlfile of the source 
database or a controlfile of another database.

The following article describes the steps necessary to configure a database to 
archive its redo log files to a remote archival standby database:

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator