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  Resizing Temporary Tablespaces in Oracle — (18-January-2006)

In many database configurations, the DBA will choose to allow their temporary 
tablespace (actually the tempfile(s) for the temporary tablespace) to autoextend. 
A runaway query or sort can easily chew up valuable space on the disk as the 
tempfiles(s) extends to accommodate the request for space. If the increase in 
size of the temporary tablespace (the tempfiles) gets exceedingly large because 
of a particular anomaly, the DBA will often want to resize the temporary 
tablespace to a more reasonable size in order to reclaim that extra space.

The following article "Resizing Temporary Tablespace" provides the DBA with two 
methods for reclaiming the space used by excessive tempfiles and to get your 
temporary tablespace back to its original (or another reasonable) size.

The article is located at:

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator