Newsletters Archive - 2004

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  Improved Oracle Database Scripts Page and Free DDL Wizard Toolkit — (11-October-2004)

This newsletter includes the following topics:

  *) Improved Oracle Database Scripts Page
  *) Free DDL Wizard Toolkit
  *) Oracle9i Data Guard

Improved Oracle Database Scripts Page

During the last week, I was able to improve the Oracle Database Scripts page 
by providing an archived file of all scripts that can be downloaded at one 
time. This archived file can be unzipped (or un-tar'd for UNIX) to your 
$ORACLE_HOME directory. After setting a few environment variables, you are then 
ready to go.

To reach to the Oracle Database Scripts page, to go and from the Topics menu, navigate to
"Oracle" -> "DBA Scripts". Follow the directions in the README.txt for 
configuring your system.

Free DDL Wizard Toolkit

DDL Wizard is a tool that can be used by Oracle DBAs and Developers to reverse 
engineer Oracle export files (dump files) to display and manipulate the DDL 
CREATE statements contained within them. The tool basically extracts the DDL 
structure from an export file and runs on a Windows PC. Simply download the 
self-extracting executable from the site At the time 
of this writing, the current version of the DDL Wizard is 04.01.01 and is 
around 2.2 MB in size.

After downloading the executable (ddlwizard_install040101.exe), simply 
double-click to start the installation processes. During the install, you will 
be asked to obtain a license key. This does require you to complete an online 
form that asks for your Name, Company, E-mail address, and Country. After 
submitting this information, you will then be given an activation key. At the 
end of the installation is a quick tutorial that walks you through the basics 
steps for extracting DDL.

Oracle9i Data Guard

A new section has been created within the DBA Tips page to include articles on 
creating and managing Oracle Data Guard. For now, I have a single article that 
introduces you to Oracle Data Guard 9i and provides the steps necessary to 
install and configure a two node configuration.

I have several more articles specific to Oracle9i Standby Database, but will 
soon be adding more about 10g soon after.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator