Newsletters Archive - 2004

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  Oracle RAC on Linux Installation Update — (31-August-2004)

Since the republication of my article "Building an Inexpensive Oracle9i RAC 
Configuration on Linux" on Oracle Technology Network (OTN), I have received 
several messages with suggestions and questions about the use of FireWire 
technology. I have attempted to answer these messages by updating the article 
both on OTN and on this website. To view the updated article from this website, 
use the Topics menu on the left frame and navigate to "Oracle" -> "DBA Tips" 
and then scroll to the "Linux" section where you will find the 
article "Building an Inexpensive Oracle9i RAC Configuration on Linux". You can 
also go to Oracle's OTN website at

I also updated the installation guide on this website for installing Oracle9i 
( on Fedora Core 2. This article can be found in the same section as 
mentioned above.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator