Newsletters Archive - 2004

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  Oracle9i RAC on Linux — (10-May-2004)

I was able to complete the long awaited article entitled "Building an 
Inexpensive Oracle9i RAC Configuration on Linux". This article provides a 
comprehensive overview to installing and configuring an Oracle9i RAC system 
using Red Hat Linux (Fedora Core 1) and using FireWire technology for the 
shared storage device. I ran into several complications last year when 
configuring the Linux kernel to recognize the shared storage device (the shared 
FireWire hard drive) in non-exclusive mode. The problem was with the FireWire 
drive that I purchased. It did not contain the Oxford 911 chipset, which is one 
of the requirements in order for the Linux kernel to obtain multiple logins to 
the disk. I then purchased a drive that I knew contained the proper chipset 
(Maxtor One Touch 200GB USB 2.0 / Firewire External Hard Drive). 

To access the article, visit the website site:

Navigate the topics menu (left frame) to:

"Oracle -> DBA Tips -> Oracle9i RAC ->
  Building an Inexpensive Oracle9i RAC Configuration on Linux"

This article will be appearing on in the coming months.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator