Newsletters Archive - 2004

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  January 2004 Update — (24-January-2004)

I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year. Here is an update as to some of 
the additions and changes to the website.

Several new articles on installing and configuring the Concurrent Versions 
System (CVS). I have several new articles planned for this section that include 
on to maintain the CVS Repository along with other helpful tips. To access 
these articles, navigate from the topic menu to "Programming | Change 

The Oracle DBA Tips section now includes an Index at the top of the page that 
allows quick access to all folders. Also within the Oracle DBA Tips section, I 
added a section on Recovery Manager (for release 9i) that I plan to populated 
within the next month. To access the Oracle DBA Tips section, navigate 
to "Oracle | DBA Tips".

Lastly, I enhanced the performance of the built in Search Engine for the site. 
Searches now occur much faster over a broader range of content.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
Sr. Database Administrator